The Gender Split – How The Sexes Engage With Brands On Social Media

Ever wondered if your brand is more likely to attract a male or female audience, and which of the sexes will be the most faithful to your social media presence?

Questioning the genders’ social media preferences, we ran a survey to find out how and why men and women participate and interact with brands on social media platforms. As it turns out, the female of the species is currently more social than the male, with 70% of women surveyed having had engaged with businesses, brands and organisations on social channels.

Both sexes agree that the platform to interact with brands on is facebook, followed by Google+ and YouTube. However, the motivation for this interest and support differs, with women wanting to support their favoured brands or a worthy cause and men being spurred on by an incentive or reward.

To help you understand the social media behaviour of the genders, take a look at our handy infographic.

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